Door wedge PITBULL 2 DUO No name

Reference : MIL2112

Ultra-light door wedge

Color: BLACK

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200 g
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Technical data :

Metal part:

▪100% aluminum folded in 3 parts.

▪16 anti-repair teeth ground contact.

▪Finish = 3-coat paint.

▪Dimensions: Height: 33 mm / Width: 43 mm / Thickness: 3 mm.

Textile part:

▪FLAMME consisting of 2 layers polyamide 1680 Deniers red with female velcro lined interior.

▪Customizable with text identification ( optional ).

▪Dimensions: Length: 160 mm / Width: 25 mm.

▪Holster made of black polyester with orange nylon interior with male velcro for securing wedge.

▪Fastening to belt or shoulder strap by elastic loop.

Data sheet

200 g

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