DIMATEX provides you with its productive capacity by means of its stock of raw materials, supply network, confectioning know-how, quality process, storage platform and logistic resources.

 Our raw materials and supply network:

DIMATEX is able to supply the raw materials needed for your productions.

You benefit from our supply network guaranteeing a continuous quality control of materials and permanent replenishments.

Our confectioning know-how:

For the past 15 years, DIMATEX develops and manufactures a large variety of textile equipment. You take advantage of our experience for your own developments and productions. Our different workshops adapt to many types of products (luggage, cases, waterproof articles, individual protection equipment, etc.) and fabrication processes (sewing, bonding, thermowelding, laser cutting, riveting, and so on).


Our quality process:

The control quality of raw materials is an important step in a strict quality process. We run rigorous compliance testing on materials. Our quality process requires prior checking of each subset before final assembly.

 Our storage platform:

DIMATEX stocks for you in its facilities in France.

We provide you with storage space and capacities guaranteeing delivery of your goods within 24 hours.

 Our logistic facilities:

DIMATEX’s organization allows flexible delivery conditions. Products can be conditioned according to your demands.

 We can personalize existing products with embroidery, offset printing, thermal transfer, bar codes, tamper-proof laser engraved tracking pins, and so on.

 We ship everywhere in France or in the world. Shipments can be immediate, periodic, cyclical and dispatched.

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